Friday, 25 April 2014

Should Malaysian Tamils Support Israel?

To those Malaysian Tamils who are now openly declaring that they will support Israel, I would like to thank you for making us look like desperate fools. 

Now why am I writing this? It is because yesterday, a message was going viral in Facebook. The hardcore wannabe Tamils were angry because the Malaysian government invited the Sri Lankan Defence Secretary, Gotabaya Rajapaksa (brother of President Mahinda Rajapaksa) to Putrajaya. 

In response to this, certain Tamil NGOs had publicly announced that they will support Israel. Malaysia does not recognise Israel and does not have any diplomatic ties with this Jewish state.

I never liked the Sri Lankan government. They screwed up a once peaceful Ceylon with discriminatory policies. 

Many world government including ours were silent about the war atrocities committed in Sri Lanka. But that does not mean we Malaysian Tamils should support Israel to show our dissatisfaction. 

Unknown to the ignorant Tamils in Malaysia, Israel and Sri Lanka are in good terms. Although there were allegations by certain Sri Lanka Muslim clerics that the Israeli Mossad simultaneously trained both Sri Lanka Army and LTTE, the LTTE during 1980s actualy sent about 200 fighters to Lebanon for training. The training was done by Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Their fighters were also used to fight against Israeli soldiers.

Israel then established strong military ties with Sri Lanka. Supplied them with weapons like fighter jets and missiles. They also provided military advice. Together, they crushed the LTTE.

Now you want Tamils to support Israel? The same Israel which helped Sri Lanka to not only crush LTTE but also kill thousands of innocent Tamils? That will be a wrong move. It is like poking our eyes with our own fingers. Sri Lanka would be laughing at us.

Sometimes I feel that some of these so called Tamil NGOs in Malaysia are taking all of us for a ride. They make emotional statements to display their stupidity. It is accompanied by some punch dialogs that even beats Tamil cinema. The only thing lacking here is self immolation. Add that and it will be a perfect emotional display of the highest order.

The one community which has always supported the Sri Lankan Tamils financially are the Malaysian Ceylonese Tamil community. They just don't hoo haa about it like the other Tamil NGOs. 

Ask your Ceylonese friends if their parents have contributed a portion of their salary for the benefit of their relatives in Sri Lanka. Till today, it is this Ceylonese Tamil community which is actively helping the Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka. I personally know a few people who do that. To know more, go mingle with the Ceylonese community. 

Some of the Tamil NGOs who are potraying themselves as champions of Sri Lankan issue are not the real heroes. They are just trying to steal the show from the Ceylonese community by doing publicity stunts. They want to make themselves look like "the one and only" organisation that cares for Sri Lankan Tamils. This became very obvious after Prabhakaran's death. 

If you think my write up is considered as a betrayal then so be it. Truth has to be spoken even if it hurts our own kind. I rather call a spade as a spade than to "jingcha" with the rest of the crowd. 

Friday, 18 April 2014

Dr.S.Jayabarathi - A Living Legend

Dr.S.Jayabarathi during his younger days
I am fortunate to say that I am among the few youngsters in this country who have met the genius Dr.S.Jayabarathi. I still keep in touch with him over the phone.

It was back in 2008 when we first interacted. I had a query regarding the Panchakshra NaMaSiVaYa and he called me to explain over the telephone. Our friendship kicked started from there.

Fondly known as DrJaybee, he was born to the late Sinnamuthu Pillai and Alagurethinam Ammal. He comes from a family of geniuses and aristocrats. His father knew India's freedom fighter, Subash Chandra Bose.

He is 73 this year and I am turning 30. Being much younger than him, I have always considered him as one of my elderly uncles. Both our ancestors came from Sivagangai, a district known for its martial past. 

Dr.Jaybee's web articles can be found at the following links:

Although a medical doctor by profession, DrJaybee is also well versed in ancient Tamil literature, the Vedas and Agamas. He is also a Historian. It was DrJaybee who discovered the lost city of Ariviyur back in India. 

He has also done extensive research on ancient Malay civilizations. The good old Dr is also well versed in Music and Arts. There are many things which he knows. This is why he is addressed as The Grandmaster.

It is quite sad to learn that scholars like him are not appreciated in a country like Malaysia. The Hindu and Tamil organisations of this country have not done much to publish his works. 

I hope that things will turn out better. The world needs to know that Malaysia has a genius.

Please read the following article which was published by The Star on Saturday, 30 September 2006.

Forecasts come true for Tamil scholar

LITTLE did Tamil scholar Dr S. Jayabarathi know that the predictions of sages in India would turn out to be true for him.  

The sages told him that he was destined to work with ancient relics and metaphysics. He was then pursuing a medical degree in south India in the 1960s. 
”I met with some sages and scholars (in India) who stressed that my destiny was not simple,” said the former Sungai Petani hospital director. 
INTEREST IN ANCIENT RELICS: Dr Jayabarathi reading his favorite book.  
“I was to collect, analyse, research, document and preserve heritage things to be passed on to the future generation.” 
He has spent the past 45 years doing research on Indian relics, metaphysics, cosmology, ancient Indian medicine and plastic surgery, with special interest in history and Tamil mysticism. 
Affectionately known as Jay-bee, Dr Jayabarathi, 65, has written 9,000 postings on Tamil culture, literature, religion, arts, science and tradition in his website, TreasureHouse of Agathiyar @ 
He has authored two books – ‘JayBee in the Internet’ and ‘Naadi Jothidam’ (a Tamil book on astrology). 
He is also a linguist, painter, poet and musician. 
MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu recently honoured him with ‘The Grand Master of Tamil in Kedah’ award. 
After retiring in 1996, Dr Jayabarathi studied the artifacts found among the ruins of the lost kingdom in Bujang Valley in Merbok near Sungai Petani. 
An authority in Shakthi worship (Shakti means goddess in the Hindu pantheon) and certain aspects of Tamil history, Dr Jayabarathi hails from a long line of scholars, artistes and musicians.  
“My father, K.Sinnamuthu, was a social reformist and authored a Tamil book ‘Kadavulin Unmai Thotram’ (True Revelations of God),” he said.  
“I have about 5,000 books, including some rare ones, in my collection,” he added. 
Keen on archaeology, Dr Jayabarathi discovered an ancient township of a merchant community while at the medical college in South India. This was widely reported in the Indian press. 
His son Suganandha Bharathi, 36, graduated from Indian Institute of Technology from Kanpur, North India, and is now a scientific officer at Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology (Aimst) in Sungai Petani, Kedah. 
His daughter Alagurethina Bairavi, 33, is an Information Technology graduate from southern Australia and a former Stamford College lecturer in Kuala Lumpur.  
On whether his children share his passion for research, he said: “Their interests are in their respective fields. But I do not want them to be like me.” 
“I am saying this because the public generally shun people like me whom they consider to very peculiar,” he said. 
He said his wife, J. Chandra, 58, had always inspired him to continue his research. 
On plans to write other books, he said: “I have plans for 22 more on metaphysics, cosmology, ancient Indian medicine and plastic surgery.” 
He said he was in midst of creating a new website ‘Jaybee’s’ which would act as a huge database with interlinking sites containing various topics and articles mainly on Indian studies.  

Dr.S.Jayabarathi passed away in the morning of 2 June 2015 leaving behind a legacy for the Tamil community.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Karpal's Death & Keyboard Warriors

Once again, our Malaysian drama king Zulkifli Nordin is making headlines. The people of the country are currently mourning the death of Karpal Singh. 

A legendary politician, Karpal Singh has gone through many hardship during his political career. All because he believed in justice and upheld the supremacy of our national constitution. 

But we have some in the country who not only lack the basic intelligence a human needs, but also lacks empathy. They choose to attack the deceased Karpal Singh in social media. 

TRANSLATION : In this time of chaos, the PAS government of Kelantan wants to implement Hudud with the help of UMNO. Allah has killed Karpal Singh who was the main opponent of its implementation.

Here is a story which I think people like Zulkifli should learn from....

During the Ramayana war, thousands of enemies were slaughtered. The dead soldiers of Rama and that of his enemy Ravana, were cremated side by side.

Upon seeing this, his loyal brother, Lakshmana, asked Rama 

"How can you cremate the bodies of our enemy soldiers with full honor right beside our own dead soldiers?"

For this Rama responded

"Lakshmana, they were soldiers of Ravana when they were alive. They were our enemies. But upon death they are mere bodies with no affiliation. Isn't it our duty to honor their death?"

Well most probably some will ignore this story because it is a Kafir story told to you by another Kafir like me although elements of this Kafir religion of ours is still used in your daily lives.

Here is another story for you people....

Once, a funeral procession passed by in front of Prophet Muhammad. He stood up in respect for the dead. The deceased was a Jew. As you all know, Muslims and Jews were never in good terms. Yet the Prophet stood up in respect for the humanity of the deceased.

So even when the great Prophet himself is able to be humble, why can't ordinary people do it?

Looks like people like Zulkifli Noordin and like minded ones in our country will never learn. They will never learn from Kafirs like us and they will also never learn from their own people.

The more these politicians comment in such way, the more the Malaysian voters are going to reject them in the next GE. This is like digging a grave for themselves. The leaders of the relevant party should ensure that people like him never stand in election.

The sad mental condition of the keyboard warriors
These keyboard warriors chose to attack Karpal Singh only when the man is dead. They had no guts to do anything when he was alive. It is like school kids scoring brownie points "Ye! Ye! I have hit you now!"

Because they know that they are nothing when compared with the Tiger himself!